Kylie Jenner Looks ’90s AF At Vera Wang Show

Kylie Jenner attended Vera Wang's fashion show on Tuesday and looks like the prettier version of Drew Barrymore circa 1998. No word on WTF is up with her wearing her dad's hand-me-down coat though. Is that felt?

As much as I fully support am concerned about Kylie's quest to change every single thing about her appearance — including but not limited to her ethnicity and ass to waist ratio — I'm sort of into this paler skin tone. It looks like she hasn't eaten in days/needs an iron supplement and I love that for her.

I also fully support her understated, pulled back hair and gold eyeshadow moment. She looks modern and fresh, but hasn't forgotten about her late 90's roots (because literally, she was born in 1997). Special s/o to her iridescent brown lipstick for making even a posthumous Donna Martin jeal.


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