Kylie Jenner Is Trademarking 'Rise And Shine'

Well, that didn’t take long. No one pounces on a potential business opportunity faster than a Kardashian-Jenner, and Kylie is officially cornering the market on “Rise and Shine.” After the entire world spent the last week making memes about Kylie Jenner’s instantly iconic singing moment, she’s filed trademark applications to make products with the phrase. After all the jokes we made at her expense, “Rise and Shine” really might be her path to world domination.

According to documents obtained by The Blastlast Thursday Kylie Jenner officially filed to obtain trademarks for both “Rise and Shine” and “Riiise and Shiiine,” and I applaud her for acknowledging both correct spellings of the phrase. Seriously, this is such a smart business move, and Kylie is already cashing in on her unexpectedly viral singing. On the same day she filed the trademark documents, she started selling two new hoodies on her website, and they’re both now sold out. This is probably a good thing, because I really don’t need to spend $65 on a Kylie Jenner hoodie, but I also can’t be trusted with money. The funny thing is, the website states that your “item will ship 4-5 weeks from date of purchase.” 4-5 WEEKS? So all these people spent $65 on a hoodie that they’re not going to get until a month after everyone has moved on from caring. This family truly is the worst.

Kylie Jenner isn’t just planning to use her new catchphrase on clothing, though. The trademark documents also include cosmetic products, suggesting that Kylie will definitely be doing a Rise and Shine-themed Kylie Cosmetics launch soon. Good god. This is 0% surprising, because Kylie basically uses everything in her life for makeup inspiration. A birthday collection? She does it every year. Collabs with her sisters and her mom? Of course. A line with her infant daughter’s name slapped on it? Anything goes. It’s probably only a matter of days before teenage girls are spending their birthday money on a Rise and Shine Kylighter and Kyshadow palette.

As we’ve discussed before, Kylie Jenner has plenty of experience with getting things trademarked. Through her company Kylie Jenner, Inc., she has dozens of trademarks, mostly for variations of her name and Kylie Cosmetics products. She also has Stormi’s name trademarked, because of course. Famously, she was denied when she tried to trademark the name “Kylie,” because that’s just a normal human name, and also, Kylie Minogue was famous way before her. This tweet is still iconic to me:

Interestingly, the trademark documents don’t make any mention of Kylie using the phrase in a musical capacity, so my secret hopes fears that Kylie is going to use this as her foray into a music career seem unfounded, at least for the moment. I don’t think Kylie is a great singer or anything, but I will still shamelessly listen to a trashy pop song. I still have Kim Kardashian’s one pathetic attempt at music in my iTunes library, sue me.

It usually takes a while for these trademark applications to be approved, so for now, you can still buy Rise and Shine stuff that isn’t $65, like this Shop Betches mug. But before long, Kylie Jenner might be making another billion dollars off of her awkward singing. Honestly, I stan a genius.

Images: Shutterstock;; kylieminogue / Twitter; Shop Betches

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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