Kylie Jenner May Be Hinting At Pregnancy With This Snapchat

Either Kylie Jenner is trolling us, or this bitch is really pregnant. Okay, given what I know about the Kardashian-Jenner family and their unquenchable thirst for publicity, both possibilities could certainly be true. At the same time, no less. Regardless, Kylie is definitely playing into the pregnancy rumors, because now people are all up in arms over her Snap story from Friday night, where she lip syncs changes camera angles with a song playing in the background (as she does) and captioned it “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby”. So you can see where the internet—or should I say, the dark corners of the internet that are still overanalyzing Kylie Jenner’s every move—collectively went nuts.

Watch the offending Snap story for yourself, and then judge.



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I’m basically a professional conspiracy theorist at this point (I’m like, one wrong Youtube video away from becoming a Sovereign Citizen, probably), but even I think this is a streeeetch. Number one, this is a song. Number two, “baby” could mean anything. It could be a term of endearment directed at Travis Scott. Or it could be directed at nobody in particular. It could also very easily mean nothing, because like I said, this is a song. Did it mean anything when Kylie would Snapchat “I hear you talkin’ bout ‘we’ a lot, oh you speak French now”? Other than pointing to the fact that she wanted to fuck Partynextdoor, no. So why should we ascribe any meaning to another Kylie lip synching Snapchat just because there are rumors she’s pregnant? Oh right, because this is the internet and that’s what people do here.

I honestly don’t think this is that deep, and you all can quote me on that.