Kristin Cavallari Skipped Her 10-Year Laguna Beach Reunion

Kristin Cavallari, the betch everyone loved to hate on  Laguna Beach and the Hills skipped her 10-year high school reunion that was held over the weekend.

She posted an insta holding her new baby, Saylor James. She totally blamed missing the event on, like, just having given birth recently but we all know that there was probably no one Kristen really wanted to see at the event. LC, Steven and Lo and basically anyone worth knowing graduated a year before Kristin, so they wouldn’t have been around anyway.


She probably didn’t need to show up to something like a high school reunion anyway because a Google search would let all of her former classmates know that she’s been killing it recently, looks really hot, and married a NFL star; all things that are much more impressive than inventing Post Its.

In other depressing news, Laguna Beach starting airing 11 years ago. Go ahead, take a moment to feel old. 


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