Kristin Cavallari Reveals What Was FAKE on The Hills

We all knew there was an aspect of The Hills that was a little bit contrived. I mean Kristin just magically showed up the season Lauren left the show…and then went on dating all the cast member's ex boyfriends? It was hard to accept it was real. I meannnn I ACCEPTED IT because I wanted to believe it was real life…because there was nothing more I wanted to be than in a room with Stephanie Pratt when she said stupid shit.

Then came the series finale when they lifted the set and revealed the whole thing was totally fake. But at that point I was too upset the show was over to concentrate on the fact they shattered my whole perception of reality television.

However The Hills stars have recently been coming out divulging little secrets about how fake The Hills really was. First with Heidi and Spencer's E! Special and now Kristin's interview on Bethenny where she said that she wasn't ACTUALLY dating Brody during the show. Remember when she was all love sick over him? According to her, he was dating Jade the entire time and the fight she and Jade had at a club was totally staged. Kristin said she dated Brody once when she was 18 after Laguna Beach and that was it, the rest was all producers making television entertaining. Well these producers deserve a golf clap because fuck, consider me entertained.

Like I know we're kind of stating obvious things but it's always fun to learn more about how they successfully fucked with our heads. Like Kristin also said the producers would text them what to say during scenes. What a joke. Makes me wonder about Spencer and his crystals. Something tells me that was very very real. 

Source: DailyMail


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