Watch Kristin Cavallari’s Very Embarrassing Removable Bangs Commercial

Bangs without the Commitment. Nope, that’s not Tinder’s slogan, it’s the slogan of a product called Secret Bangs that Laguna Beach’s Kristin Cavallari is now selling in a YouTube video.  Not sure if these are even at TV infomercial status, since the video is just a YouTube video as far as we know.

At first, this video feels like a joke video and we had to ask ourselves, was this a sketch on Inside Amy Schumer or Nathan For You? But that would require this video to be actually funny, and not just sad.

The product is a headband with removable bangs you can slip on and off your head for when you decide you want to get bangs aka let the world know you just broke up with your boyfriend.  Not only does the color not even match her head, but the cut looks like your grandma’s yard when she stopped paying the gardeners. I mean, if anything, this is an ad to never get bangs.

Look, if you have bangs, fine, whatever. It looks good on some people. But seeing what these commercial “models” look like with and without bangs is a definite vote towards no bangs.  At one point she turns the bangs around and says they can even be used to add volume and height to your hairline and we almost threw up in our mouths.  Can you imagine what that looks like from the side view? Not good.

Anyway, cheers to Kristin for giving us a good laugh, but uh, are you okay btw? Call us if you need anything KC.


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