Kristen Stewart is the New Face of Chanel

No, that is not a headline from The Onion. This morning Chanel actually announced that Karl Lagerfeld has chosen (we assume he was conscious when he made the decision but unconfirmed) the darling of Hollywood, Kristen Stewart, to be the face of the 2013/14 Metiers d'Art Paris-Dallas collection. Do you guys think K-Stew can pronounce that entire name without her words trailing off into a timid silence?

Good news for Kristen, the role doesn't actually involve any speaking or acting, which we know she has a hard time with. However it does involve cameras, and with cameras comes the need to not look like your outfit was your mom's in the 80s. Here's Kristen at the presentation for the collection in Dallas. She could've worn literally ANY Chanel item, and here is what she chose:

What is happening to the world? Is this some kind of reverse psychology to make fewer people want to buy Chanel so it will become more rare and therefore even more of a status symbol? Discuss.

Source: Refinery29


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