Kris Jenner’s Instagram Was Hacked

Apparently some really genius hacker knew that the world was lacking some excitement this morning and for that reason decided to hack none other than Kris Jenner's instagram account. Unfortunately this hacker was kind of lame and made it really obvious that it was fake, as opposed to just instagramming ridiculous things that could maybe have come from Kris Jenner herself, which would've been ultimately more humiliating for her probs. 

Right, like I'm sure we believe it's really Kris because after your rant about hating black people, you use the word DOLLS. 

Ugh, I'm sorry Trina that you had to be part of this.

For once I find myself legitimately agreeing with an instagram commenter. Seriously WHO THE FUCK HAS THE TIME FOR THIS!? Besides us, I mean.


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