Kris Jenner Just Addressed The Rumors That Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant

On Friday afternoon, news of Kylie Jenner’s alleged pregnancy spread around the world faster than you can get herpes from sharing a lip kit. We weren’t, like, truly surprised by the news, but we’ll admit we were a little bit surprised. Kylie is a rich bitch who obviously has access to all the birth control she wants, so we weren’t expecting this so soon.

But is Kylie really pregnant? If you tuned into the Keeping Up 10th Anniversary Special on Sunday night, you’ll know that there was absolutely no mention of the pregnancy, but that’s not a shock. On the special, Kylie said she’s 19, which means it had to be filmed before her 20th birthday, which was August 10. So even if she is pregnant, she might not have said anything in front of a studio audience six or seven weeks ago. Yes, thank you, I’ve often been told I should be a professional detective.

When asked about it earlier this weekend, Kris Jenner gave a typically fake answer. When asked whether she knew the pregnancy news was going to come out, she said how Kylie hadn’t confirmed anything and that it’s “kind of wild that everyone is just assuming that that’s just happening.” Sooooo like wtf does that mean?

Kylie Jenner

Kris also said “you never know what is going to break at any moment,” which sounds kind of ominous. Like, if Kylie is pregnant she’s still rich and can afford like 32 nannies to watch the baby at all times.

So, long story short, is Kylie pregnant? Our gut is telling us yes, but we still can’t be sure what’s inside Kylie’s gut. We’ll probably know for sure sooner rather than later, but until now we’ll just lose sleep go about our lives.