Kris and Bruce Jenner Separation Surprises No One

We've known this was coming ever since Kris wouldn't let Bruce build a minigolf course in the backyard, which is obviously the telltale sign of a relationship gone south. At least all the separations I've witnessed. Also the fact that Bruce's whole family hates Kris so clearly and passionately. I wonder which side Kendall and Kylie will take? I assume Kendall will go with Bruce and Kylie with Kris, because to have them on the same side would limit the drama which is a definite faux pas in this fam. On the bright side, at least we have a guaranteed plotline for the next season of the Kardashians, and Khloe and Kris can be divorce buddies. And with that, the Kardashian marital tally officially becomes 4 marriages, 2 separations, 2 divorces, and 2 not-married-but-we-have-kids.


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