We Know What Kourtney Kardashian Drinks To Detox & Here’s Why You Should Be Drinking It Too

Kourtney has always been known as the healthy Kardashian, but some of her habits have been low-key very weird. Like, can we talk about the episode of Keeping Up where she blends an avocado with sugar and drinks it for breakfast? I’d rather starve.

I mean, the girl works out everyday and has a better bod as a mom of three than most people have after a strict two-week pre-Spring break cleanse. Plus, Kourtney was gluten-free and dairy-free before it was trendy, and she hasn’t had a cheat day in over a decade. Like, we get it, you’re good at this shit.

Kourtney Kardashian

With Kourtney’s healthy secrets out in the public, we were super fascinated by a recent recipe for her “detox drink” that she posted on her app, claiming to drink this water-based mixture on the reg and swearing by amazing cleansing benefits.

The ingredients inside her magical potion? Water, cucumber, lemon, ginger root, lime, mint leaves, and a pinch of Himalayan salt. Kourtney claims she chops up all the ingredients and fills pitchers to keep in the fridge and sip on throughout the day.

“Since drinking enough water every day is a huge part of my wellness regimen, I have big pitchers at home infused with healthy ingredients,” Kourtney explained on her app. “Studies show that drinking 8 to 12 ounces of filtered water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning helps jump-start your metabolism and detox your body, while mint and ginger are effective in keeping your immune system strong.”

So with Kourtney claiming this pitcher of random shit is the holy grail of water, we decided to investigate.


Let’s start with the good news: there’s nothing wrong with this drink. I mean, that’s probably obvious since every ingredient has a total of zero calories, but seriously, it’s like drinking plain water. Ever heard of the phrase “too much of a good thing?” Yeah, that doesn’t apply here.

In fact, what Kourtney claims about lemon water in the morning is actually true. Studies have shown that drinking room temperature water first thing in the morning with some lemon can help boost your metabolism and keep your digestion in check.

Ginger is also known to calm inflammation in the body, so that ingredient is definitely beneficial for preventing bloating.

But while those couple ingredients are definitely GOOD for you, there’s nothing necessarily “detoxing” about this drink. I mean, the healthy ingredients have vitamins and minerals in them, but nothing here is cleansing your body or really doing much for your immune system. It’s basically naturally flavored water, so Kourtney can keep gulping this shit by the gallon, but all it’s really doing is keeping her super hydrated. Is peeing every 5 minutes considered a detox? If so, I need to become a wellness blogger.



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