Kourtney and Scott are Pregnant Again (!?!?!)

Just what we need, another kid that looks like Rob Kardashian. US Weekly reported this morning that Kourtney is pregnant again which I guess is the next step for the Kardashian reality show. Kim's married, Khloe's still looking for a non-cracked out BF, Rob's in hiding for being fat and alone, so some sister needed to do something to entertain the masses. Ah! So they stuck Kourtney with another baby and that's the way the story's going to go. 

While we should be happy for the two, we recently heard through a friend's 22-year-old sister that Scott allegedly madeout with her friend (of the same age) in his VIP room at Up and Down in NYC. This didn't please us as we always thought of Scott as the asshole who would never cheat on Kourt but the complete non discretion on Scott's part – to have his friend scout out this girl at a different bar, send pics of this girl to Scott, then get Scott's approval for her to come make out – proves otherwise. We may or may not have some screenshots to show but maybe later. 

So congrats Kourt and Scott? 


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