Kobe Bryant’s Teammate Called Him A Rapist…


So this basketball player, Larry Nance Jr., just got drafted in the NBA draft.

It should have been one of the happiest days in his life. The guy is rich now. He can buy unlimited guacamole at Chipotle FOREVER.

But instead, the Internet shit all over his parade.

So Larry Nance Jr. got drafted to the Lakers. In case you don't know, the Lakers have a man on the team called Kobe Bryant. A few years ago, he allegedly raped someone and then paid her off in a settlement.

Larry ain't down with that. (Respect, Larry.) And he called Kobe out a few years back.


Now the two will have to play for the same team! Kobe said that “the past is the past” or some other bullshit, but you bet Larry Nance Jr. will be spending the next years of his life going on donut and coffee runs, or anything else that Kobe wants.

Have fun!


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