Kim Wants You to Chill About The Fact That She Cropped North West From Her Insta

Earlier this week Kim Kardashian posted a selfie, which is hardly newsworthy. Except that this particular selfie featured a very clearly cropped out North West, also known as Kim’s daughter. And holy shit, the Internet lost it. You would think she posted a picture of North dangling off a balcony over a pit of poisonous snakes or something. Angry moms around the world we're getting to ready to storm the Kardashian/West estate and demand that she revoke her motherly rights. Or like, at least give Nori a solo promo.

Well, Kim finally responded to all this bullshit, in probably the most rational tweet she’s ever produced.



Whole heartedly siding with Kimmy on this one. She was feeling her look, and also probably has veto rights over her infant child’s Instagram exposure. If you want to look at pictures of a baby that badly, check out Prince George. Or maybe, I don’t know, stop obsessing over other people's babies.


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