Kim Richards Is Putting Off Rehab To Attend Her Daughter’s Second Wedding

Whether it’s from her recent erratic behavior on Real Housewives or the fact that she was arrested last week for being a belligerent idiot, we’re all aware that Kim Richards is drinking again. Lisa Rinna and all the others who have “attacked Kim’s sobriety” throughout the past few years will be happy to know that Kim will be checking into rehab…but there are a few other things on Kim’s to-do list.

Supposedly Kim is putting off rehab so that she can attend her daughter’s wedding. Hold up, didn’t her daughter Brooke just get married on the show? Yes, but apparently that was only a family wedding (aired on national TV) that they planned so that Kim’s ex-husband, Monty, could walk Brooke down the aisle. TBH, we were all a little confused as to why a Real Housewife’s daughter and Paris Hilton’s cousin had a backyard wedding, and now it all makes sense. However, having her dying father walking her down aisle in a rushed ceremony was not the lavish wedding Brooke (or her mother) had always dreamed of and she will be having a Hilton-worthy wedding somewhere out of the country within the next few weeks.

So, even after the embarrassment of her very public drunken rage, Kim is insisting that she temporarily forego treatment so that she can witness her daughter exchange vows for the 2nd time. Let’s just hope she can keep it together for this classy event.







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