Kim Richards Arrested For Shoplifting From Target

If you live in a country with an internet connection, then you should know that Kim Richards has been a fucking mess recently. She got arrested for public intoxication, left her daughter’s wedding in a drunken rage, disappeared in Mexico, and went to rehab twice. People were saying she seemed better after coming home from rehab the second time, but clearly the shame spiral isn’t quite done.

Over the weekend, Kimmy was arrested at a Target in San Fernando Valley for leaving the store with over $600 worth of stuff in her cart that she hadn’t paid for. Every betch loves a good trip to Target, but literally how can you spend $600 there? Kim was put under citizen’s arrest, which tbh I thought could only happen in movies. She ended up spending the night in jail before her $5,000 bail was posted.

The best part of this story is probably her ex-husband Monty, who said that there must be some mistake because Kim is “a giver.” Calling someone a giver is probably the fakest bullshit that you can pull, and like it’s pretty obvious that Kim stole the stuff. It’s still unclear if Kim will be on the next season of RHOBH, but I really hope they’re getting this shit on camera.


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