Kim Kardashian Talks Serious Shit About Rob In Her Rolling Stone Interview

So this isn’t really news but Rob and Kim are fighting because Rob is fat as fuck and Kim is being a bitch about it.

If you’ve been keeping up, you know that Rob has gained over 100 pounds in the last year, Kris thinks he’s going to die, Khloe claims she’s the only one who knows how to deal with him, and Kim likes to say she’s the only one who doesn’t put up with his shit. She is very proud of that. She’s only mentioned it in about 50 episodes.

Anyways, in her recent interview for Rolling Stone, Kim casually mentioned that Rob “smokes weed, drinks beer, hangs out and plays video games with his friends all day long”.  Sounds like some of the kids I went to high school with.  But so like, guess that’s why he’s gained all that weight.

Apparently a source told Us Weekly that Rob blocked Kim’s number on his phone after the interview came out.  Drama!!!

So let me say this.  I kind of feel bad for Rob.  Remember when he snuck out to In-N-Out at like 2 AM in June?  We’ve all been there…just a few hundred pounds lighter and slightly more intoxicated than he was (or maybe not, given what Kim has to say).  But at the same time, we mustn’t forget that Rob didn’t even go to Kimye’s wedding because of his issues, so I can’t blame Kim for not giving a fuck what she says about him at this point.  Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.


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