Kim Kardashian Allegedly Robbed At Gunpoint, WTF?!

Robbers these days are so fucking heartless. For those of you who were at The Meadows to see Kanye perform, you likely had your hearts broken as he cut the set in the middle of “Heartless” due to a family emergency.

The normal and consensus public reaction to him ending his concert early was “Oh, fucking hell, Kanye. This is definitely some shit that you would pull.” But it turns out it was completely warranted as Kim was fucking held up at gunpoint in Paris?

Supposedly two armed and masked gunmen dressed as police officers held up Kim in her hotel suite during Paris Fashion Week. Police sources stated that she was left tied up in the bathroom.

The robbers allegedly took $8.5 million of jewelry from Kim. Her children were unharmed during the attack.

It’s been radio silence from Kim and Kanye on social media so far, but that obvi can’t last long.

So, uh, can we get our money back, @TheMeadowsNYC?