Kim Kardashian Is Stirring The Pot With Taylor Swift Again

The Kardashians are many things: savvy businesswomen, personal testaments to the wonders of silicone, and most importantly, pettiness extraordinaires. Seriously, you do not cross a Kardashian unless you want to never hear the end of it for the next decade. Case in point: Taylor Swift. We all know the did-she-or-didn’t-she lie about approving Kanye’s “Famous” lyrics back-and-forth situation. Anyone who thought we as a society had moved past this moment was sadly mistaken. NOPE. Welcome to yet another installment in the saga of Taylor Swift vs. Kimye. Seriously, will this story never end? It all started with the VMA moment way back in 2009, and here we are in December 2017, still dealing with this shit. Lord Jesus, fix it.

Today’s news is thanks to Kim, who just can’t help herself from being a messy bitch who loves drama on Instagram, and we love her for it. On Monday, Kim posted a throwback photo of herself taking a photo of Kanye’s “Famous” art installation from last year. In case you need a refresher, this was the sculpture of Kanye lying in a giant bed with a naked Taylor Swift, among other celeb figures. The sculpture was controversial when it was first unveiled, but honestly we have bigger issues in our country than Kanye’s publicity stunts, so we moved on like normal people who think about things other than karma.

Kim Kardashian

So Kim posted the photo of Taylor’s fake nipples, and Taylor’s fans reacted exactly how we would knew they would. AKA they started posting rat emojis on her photo, because snakes eat rats and Taylor is a snake and Kim is a rat and surely Kim is VERY intimidated by all of this.

We understand that Taylor’s fans have to take everything super personally, but seriously? They can’t do better than commenting rat emojis on Kim’s Instagram? Kim has literally over a hundred million followers, so we’re pretty sure she’s not sitting by her phone obsessing over every single comment. Or maybe she is, but Taylor’s fans are just giving her the attention she wants. Good job, 16-year-old Taylor fans, you really showed her!!