Kim Kardashian Is Selling Her Old Stuff On eBay, But Why?

It’s been over a decade since the Kardashians entered our collective consciousness, and at this point, we’re no strangers to the Kardashian business empire. With Kris Jenner at the momagerial helm, the Kardashians have started dozens of business ventures, raking in billions of dollars and becoming some of the most famous people in the world. Kim Kardashian alone has lines of makeup, perfume, shapewear, and sunglasses, among other things. Forbes estimates that Kim’s net worth is around $370 million. Basically, she has more money than anyone needs, and she could never work again if she didn’t want to. So naturally, I was intrigued when Kim posted on her Instagram story this weekend that her latest eBay auction was live. If you’re thinking “wait, Kim Kardashian sells her stuff on eBay?”, then you’re not alone, because I was confused too. But like the dedicated Kardashian follower that I am, I swiped the f*ck up right away, and what I found sent me down an entire rabbit hole.

Kim Kardashian has used eBay for a long time, and the site says her account was launched on October 11, 2002. But before we even get to the types of items that were being sold, let’s talk about something a little more pressing: her username, kimsaprincess. At first, this might seem like some forgotten AIM screen name from the 2000s, and based on the fact that her eBay account dates back t0 2002, that’s probably not far off.

But I had heard that name before. A quick Google brought me back to an article I wrote in March of this year, when Cardi B received backlash for applying to trademark “Okurr.” In doing some digging about celebrity trademark applications, I found that all of Kim Kardashian’s trademarks were filed under the company name “KIMSAPRINCESS, INC.” It was funny then, and it’s still funny now. It seems strange that Kim never started a new eBay account once she got famous, but who has time to keep track of one more password? I, for one, am very glad that kimsaprincess still exists in 2019.

But aside from the iconic circa 2002 username, why does this eBay account actually exist? In the description for the account, Kim clarifies that there’s a philanthropic side to her eBay page. She says, “A percentage of the proceeds from all my auctions benefit the Buried Alive Project.” The Buried Alive Project is an organization dedicated to reforming the criminal justice system, particularly the practice of giving life sentences without parole in nonviolent, drug-related cases. It’s an important cause, and one that fits in perfectly with the legal work that Kim Kardashian has thrown herself into this year.

But I’m no fool, and I’ve learned not to take anything the Kardashians do at face value, whether it’s photoshopping a picture, or giving money to charity. The phrase “a percentage of the proceeds” feels intentionally vague, and I wanted to find out more. Kim Kardashian first did a public auction on eBay in May of this year, and numerous reports at the time stated that Kim would be donating 10 percent of proceeds to the Buried Alive Project. 10 percent is better than nothing, sure, but I’m pretty unimpressed. Based on that estimated net worth we talked about before ($370 million, in case you forgot), why is Kim keeping 90% of the money from these sales for herself?

I totally get the idea of selling or consigning your clothes and accessories if you don’t want or need them anymore, and obviously normal people make money from this all the time. But Kim Kardashian isn’t a normal person. If Kim is going to charge $4,000 for a Birkin that she’s used for an unspecified period of time (her eBay page is oddly light on details about item condition), she should probably just let it go and take the loss. She could literally afford to buy like a million more of them, so it feels kind of skeezy to set the donation amount so low.

In May, Kim sold over 170 items on her eBay page, and then a bunch more this weekend. It feels pretty strange to scroll through photos of clothes that Kim has worn, and some of the photos are kind of hilarious. For example, these Balenciaga velvet boots that are also pants, which A) sound v uncomfortable and difficult to get into, and B) look kind of like a saggy diaper in this photo. But considering that these retail for around $3,000 (seriously), kimsaprincess is really offering them at a bargain price.

Kim posted about her latest eBay auction just a day ago, but all the items have already sold. Apparently there are people out there who can just drop $4,000 on a handbag, not that I’m jealous or anything. Now, there’s only one item left on her eBay page, and it’s a strange outlier when compared to the designer shoes and dress she usually sells. If anyone is in the market for a $25 wig, Kim Kardashian is your girl:

I’m truly not sure how this ended up on her eBay page, and I checked like three times to make sure I didn’t somehow end up on a different scammy page claiming to be Kim. Nope, it’s the real thing! Kim still has nine of these babies left, so grab one while you still can, I guess.

But if you’re sad that you missed Kim’s eBay auction, there’s another place on the internet where you can also buy her used crap. Just last month, Kris Jenner announced the launch of Kardashian Kloset, a dedicated shopping site where the family sells their designer clothes and accessories. The site has dedicated collections from Kris, Khloé, Kylie, and Kim, with a Kourtney collection coming soon. I’m not sure how Kim decides what to put on her eBay page and what goes to Kardashian Kloset, but there’s one very important distinction between the two: Kardashian Kloset makes absolutely no mention of money going to charity.

Look, people can do whatever they want with their money, but the Kardashians do not need any more money as long as they live, so this whole thing just feels icky. The family selling dozens of items for hundreds or thousands of dollars, and just laughing all the way to the bank. While this money is a drop in the bucket for them, they have fans who are probably maxing out their credit cards to get a handbag that Kylie used once. The family isn’t responsible for anyone else’s actions, but it sort of feels like they’re preying on their fans.

But honestly, the money situation might not even be the most egregious thing about Kardashian Kloset. More than anything, I am haunted, seriously haunted, by the choice of mannequins for the listings on the site:


Every single piece of clothing on the site is photographed on these mannequins, and it’s upsetting. I know I criticized kimsaprincess for the saggy photos of clothes on hangers, but literally anything would be better than this nightmare fuel. Also, unrelated, but Kris Jenner has an unbelievable number of gowns like this that look the exact same. What can I say, the woman is consistent. Three days from now, her dress from Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding will probably pop up on here.

So what’s the takeaway from all of this? Whatever your feelings are about famous people selling their stuff online, it seems like 10 percent of the money going to charity really isn’t too much to ask. I understand that it’s exciting for fans to have the chance to own these pieces, but the Kardashian family just doesn’t need this as a source of income. That being said, I guess you should shop on Kim’s eBay, rather than Kardashian Kloset, because at least some of the money is going to a good cause. Or just like, don’t. It’s just stuff, and Kim probably never even wore half of these things.

Images: kimsaprincess (2) / eBay; Kardashian Kloset

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