Kim Kardashian Might Literally Save A Woman's Life

In the midst of her husband’s tweetstorms Kim Kardashian-West is acting increasingly  more and more impressive, and that makes me wonder if there’s a finite amount of composure between the two of them and she is currently using it all up. Whatever the case, Kim K isn’t letting anything distract her from literally like saving someone’s life. In an interview with Mic, she sat down and explained her current project. No it isn’t a handbag or lip gloss. Kim is working her ass off to free Ms. Alice Marie Johnson, a 62 year old grandmother sentenced to life in prison for first time drug use.

She has hired Ms. Alice a new legal team and more impressive than that, she’s been in close contact with Jared Kushner and others in the White House. Is there a single thing braver than that in this day and age? I honestly don’t think so.

Mic got straight to the point and was like, “why are you working with Trump because you know like everyone hates him, right?” And Kim in the coolest way possible was like, “I’m using my celebrity for good and this isn’t about Trump, why are you so obsessed with him??”

Okay, so she actually said, ““I’m just focused on criminal justice reform and helping one person at a time. And so far, the White House has been really receptive to my calls, and I’m grateful for that. And I’m not going to stop that because people personally don’t like Trump.”

I honestly don’t know if I could be as big of a person as Kim is. I raise my canned rosé to her. Also in the interview, which you really should watch instead of doing any real work today, she gives a shout out to social media and it’s capability to bring about change. She said, “I just think that so many young people have such a big voice and it’s really inspiring to see. And just to know how powerful social media is — you can just be clicking through and see something that just like tugs at your heart and change your life. And change someone else’s life.”

I’m going to have that answer on the ready next time I get in trouble for tweeting at an inappropriate time. I’m just trying to change lives, boss. K? 

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