Kim Kardashian Gets Naked For The Millionth Time

In Kardashian-Jenner non-news, Kim K just insta’d another naked pic of her body. But the only thing that is different this time is that she is mega-preggo. Surprisingly, she did claim #NoPhotoShop, so it must be true?

Anyway, I guess we all enjoy looking at her giant ass, pregnant or not, so who can blame her? Also, I don’t fully remember what she insta’d last time she was pregnant, but I really don’t think that she did a fully naked one, so maybe this is just Kim’s way of checking off every single nude-insta option just in case this is the last kid she has.

But you know who I feel bad for in regards to Kim’s pregnant-naked-gate, as I’m sure E! will soon dub this—Kylie. That bitch’s bday high just came crashing down because big sis Kimmy just stole all her insta traffic, again. Fucking rude. But I mean…Tyga did get her a Ferrari, so I guess her life isn’t that bad.


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