Kim Kardashian Totally Edits Her Selfies to Look Skinnier

We'd imagine Kim jumped on the treadmill imediately after North Pole was pulled out of her vag and hasn't gotten off since and her last Myspace body pic Instagram selfie is proof. I mean, she looks pretty fucking fit. But as usual, it's all lies. Some serious investigators did some investigatory journalism and noticed the background of the pictures were crooked aka Kim used her little photoshopping skills to make herself look skinnier. I meannnn the South Park episode that parodied her was literally ABOUT THAT. Like literally. Which puts the hobbit plot line into question… wait you sure you not a hobbit? 

Unless the Kardashian's have fun house mirrors in their house or Kris installed some specialized European curved doors back in the day so that Bruce's helicopters couldn't fit, that betches, is the work of photoshop. 



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