It Looks Like Kim Kardashian Is Gearing Up For Something Big On Instagram

A big Kardashian announcement might be coming soon. Either that, or Kim is just drunk right now. Why do I say that? Because Kim Kardashian deleted the Kardashian Christmas photos off her Instagram, Cosmo is reporting. This is not insignificant because we all thought it would be this very card that would finally reveal Kylie’s pregnancy to the world. Now, people think it will by Kylie’s feature in LOVE magazine, but come on. Don’t you think Kylie Jenner could have gotten her pregnancy announced in any other magazine? Like, one people have actually heard of?

I guess it’s possible that Kim didn’t like the pictures, or she didn’t think they went with her aesthetic or something, but that seems like something that could have been addressed during the creative direction of the photoshoot and not like, a month after it’s all been said and done with. “Creative direction of the photoshoot”? Wow, I am really going too far into this.

Look, nothing the Kardashians ever do is arbitrary. I don’t know why Kim deleted all those photos (she still hasn’t answered any of my DMs), but I think she’s up to something. We’ll just have to stay tuned to figure out what.