Kim Kardashian Complains To Magazine About Her Life Being Hard

In a new interview for some rando magazine, Kim Kardashian talks about how she wishes she could have a day off from the paparazzi, especially when she was “pregnant and looking fat.”  She talks about how she wishes she and Kanye could have one day a week to just relax together, which I'm pretty sure is what the rest of us call a weekend. I'm sure the paparazzi gets old, but like Kim complaining about looking fat when she was pregnant seems a little insignificant. To quote Kourtney from that time when Kim's earring got lost in the ocean, “there are people that are dying.”  

She also says that her reality shows are completely unedited, and that they're like a fun home movie she'll be able to show North someday.  I won't speak for anyone else, but I think I'd be a little embarrassed to show my daughter a home video that had an entire episode of me crying about my custom Bentley not being ready on time, or screaming at my mom for not getting me a nice enough hotel room.


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