E! Definitely Lied About The 'KUWTK' Being "On Hold Indefinitely" After Kim's Robbery

Since October, we’ve not heard much from Kim Kardashian, which is odd considering her literal job is to gain attention. Typically, she’d post two or three times a day on any one of her various social media feeds, but after her robbery took place in Paris last fall, her Instagram has been incredibly silent. Everyone from Kris to Kylie has commented on how Kim’s doing post the incident, but Kim herself has yet to come out with a statement. Until now that is, and honestly, it’s the most Kardashian thing to happen in 2017.

In a promo for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim is sitting on a couch with Kourtney and Khloé crying and talking about how scared she was when the robbers threatened to shoot her in the back, and feeling like she had no way out of her situation. Definitely some scary stuff. Hard to make a joke at her expense for that. However, I will comment on the big deal E! made out of stopping filming for the reality series. They clearly didn’t actually do that or there would be no promo…Why you always lyin’ E! News? Hmmmohmygod, stop fucking lying.

Why You Always Lyin

The video also touches on Kim’s reaction to Kanye’s mental breakdown at the end of last year. Clearly this season’s going to be fucking dope. Get your popcorn ready.