Kim Kardashian Is One Step Closer To Real-Life Photoshop

Kim Kardashian has taken her habit of photoshopping her post-baby bod to a whole new level by using her fabulous wealth to just straight-up hire another body. As we all know (unless you don’t obsessively follow the Kardashian-Jenners’ every move, in which case I don’t get you), Kris Jenner revealed back in January that Kim had hired a body double in a fat suit (seriously) to model maternity clothes for her during pregnancy.

Well, that body double is now out of the fat suit and onto the silver screen as Kim’s absolutely-too-skinny-to-ever-be-Kim Official Body Double.

Seriously, look at this chick: 

So, sure, she does look a lot like Kim, but not a Kim who just popped out two babies, one of whom is only 3 months old. Now, Kim has not ever been shy about how much she hates her preggerz body but this body double is skinnier than Kim has ever been. Look at that waist! No waist trainer could ever get Kim to that size. Ever.

What happened to the Kim K who was feeling herself like two weeks ago?

So let’s do a little comparison. Here is the body double leaving some kinda place with Jonathan Cheban. You can see the camera’s filming her obviously inferior ass in the background. 

Now, here’s Kim. Leaving the same damn place like two minutes later, sans cameras. 

You may have noticed that Kim, despite her still babylicious bod, looks fucking great here. Also she is wearing a jacket that clearly has her own face on it. No body double could pull that shit off.


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