Kim Got North A Personal Trainer

You can never be too young to really wanna lose three pounds.  At least that’s what Kim K is proving. Supposedly she’s hired a personal trainer for two year old North to teach her “fun stuff like stretches and other basic aerobics, nothing strenuous.” When I was two my mom took me to the fucking Gymboree, but obvi that doesn’t cut it for Kimberly. Are we surprised? No. Entertained? Yes.




A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

“Put down the pancake and let me make you a salad, Nori”

Maybe Kim doesn’t understand the concept of baby fat.  Or maybe she’s trying to get it into North’s head at a young age that “exercise is fun!”  No no, she’ll figure out the truth in a few years anyway and won’t want to partake in any activity that involves balls flying at her nose. That is until she hits an age at which she is most susceptible to feeling shitty about herself because “my mom made me see a personal trainer since I was 2” and “my mom says hoop earrings are HER thing” and she inevitably starts working out and shedding pounds like her life depends on it. 

Only time will tell. For now, we hope all this personal trainer is really doing is teaching her how to roll around on a big bouncy ball and other shit like that. We’re rooting for you, North.


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