Kim and Kanye Want To Get Married At Versailles

Surprise surprise. The self-proclaimed king and queen (of their own delusions) want to hold their wedding at none other than…Versailles. I get that it's hard for Kim to top the tackiness of her first three-day televised wedding spectacular, so the classiest couple in America is going across the pond to say their vows. Because everything is classier in Europe and Kim is JUST like a modern day Marie Antoinette, at least according to her baby daddy. Anyway, the couple is supposedly “working without a budget,” in case you had confused them for peasants.

Apparently Versailles isn't normally open for public weddings, but when you're a palace known only for your extreme tackiness it's basically necessary that your human spirit animals are allowed to use you as a venue to host their equally tacky LA camera crew. I can just hear it now. This is Ryan Seacrest, reporting live from Versailles for E! News! Don't forget to tweet at us using the hashtag #KimyeRoyalWedding! Okay fine I admit it I'm excited. 

No word yet on what kind of cake they will let the guests eat. 



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