Kim and Kanye Are Having Three Separate Weddings

I'm sure no one will be that shocked to hear that Kim and Kanye have decided to marry each other three times, because once is obviously not enough for the king and queen of excess. I mean, who doesn't count their marriage certificates like a collector's item. Don't they have anyone to let them know that you only have to do it once for it to count and any additional weddings kind of make you seem like you're being really defensive about your marriage. Are they eventually going to need three divorces to undo all three weddings?

Two of the weddings are going to be in France and one in LA. At least one of them will be televised, and the other weddings are probably only taking place so the celebrities who refuse to attend the televised one are now obligated to come to the private one. How pissed must Beyonce be that her excuse of not wanting to be at the E! wedding is now totally ruined for the other two and she might actually have to like, show up to this tacky circus. 

H/T: Daily Mail


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