Kim And Kanye Are Having Another Baby

Kim Kardashian West announced that she is pregnant in the only way a Kardashian knows how to do it – with a cliffhanger during your reality show's midseason finale. At least she's consistent. I'm a little surprised KimYe wants a second child after North's Paris Fashion Week tantrum, and even more surprised that Anna Wintour allowed them to procreate again. So far, this season of KUWTK has “focused” on Kim's struggle to get pregnant, see: the four interviews of her talking about it and two scenes on last night's episode.

Obviously, Kim and Kanye were having a lot of sex. Kim was using fertility treatments, but she still wasn't getting pregnant. Life is so unfair when money from your sex tape can't buy you happiness. But in all seriousness, Kim's first pregnancy looked like the absolute worst. She was in so much pain, so large, and just all around miserable. So mad props to North for making her mother's life terrible before she was even born. Kim must really love her daughter, or the free designer clothes, or the attention to undergo pregnancy again.

Congratulations KimYe, a new baby is truly a reason to celebrate. Especially if that baby will boost Kanye's album sales. At least now, North will have someone to help plan her inevitable escape from the Kardashian family.


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