Your Guide To WTF Is Happening With The Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

Though we live in a bubble of iced coffee and smart phones, we’re occasionally reminded that there’s real shit going on in the world.

More that 300 girls have been kidnapped from a school in Nigeria. Three weeks ago, armed men entered in to the dorms of Chibok Government Girls Secondary School claiming they were “soldiers,” before loading the girls up in pick up trucks and driving away into the forest.

Not surprisingly, the armed men were not soldiers, but members of the Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram. To give you an idea of the level of extreme we’re dealing with here, the name “Boko Haram” literally means “Western education is sinful.” So, apparently, receiving a western education is a sin, but kidnapping innocent girls is not. Maybe if these people had gotten a western education they would understand the lack of logic there.

As of now, 276 girls are missing. Apparently this has been going on for a while but the mainstream news just decided to start caring. What little is known about their condition comes from the few girls who managed to escape and limited information from intermediaries who are in touch with the kidnappers. These sources have reported that at least two of the girls have died of snakebites and at least twenty others are ill.

Take a minute to think about this: if 300 girls were abducted in the U.S., there would be a manhunt. If 300 girls were abducted from Europe, there would be outrage. However, when 300 girls are abducted in Africa only three weeks later does this actually become “news” in the United States. Thankfully, the White House announced early this afternoon that they will be sending a team of military, law enforcement, and hostage negotiators to Nigeria to help recover the girls. This comes shortly after the kidnapping of eight more girls this afternoon and an announcement by Boko Haram’s leader that he would sell those kidnapped “in the market” as slaves.

So, to the Nigerian leaders: know that the U.S. possesses a certain set of skills, skills that make us a nightmare to people like you. You might feel powerful fucking with little girls, but that’s all going to change now that you’re fucking with the United States of America.

Source: ABC News


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