Khloe and Lamar Are Back Together

So rumors are swirling that Khloe is canceling her divorce and getting back with Lamar Odom. Tbh I have no idea if this is true, but just imagine with me for a minute. Apparently Khloe told someone that French Montana was just a rebound, which is funny because Lamar plays basketball, so he probably knows all about rebounds (I'm so sorry for that joke). Really I was already sick of hearing about Khloe and French, so I just hope they're done either way. I hope she's back with Lamar mainly because I feel like she belongs with a dark-skinned black man, and Lamar could give her some serious mixed babies. At this point she shouldn't waste any time, because Kourt might pop out an entire basketball team in time for the 2016 Olympics. Whatever is happening with Khloe, I can't wait to see it on a reality show six months from now.




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