Kevin Federline Is A DJ Now

if you haven’t thought about Kevin Federline in about seven years, you’re really not alone. After Britney divorced him, shaved her head, and got her act together, K-Fed quickly faded back into the white trash where he came from.  Well now K-Fed is almost 40, and he’s got a new profession: DJ. Everyone roll your eyes at once, because of course.

It’s unclear how long K-Fed has been working on his DJ skills, but they’re not very impressive yet. Last weekend he “performed” at The Boot in New Orleans, which is a basically a casual place for Tulane students to black out. The warm up DJ was way better, and he played for full two hours while teasing that “DJ K-Feddy” was going to change your life. Highly debatable. K-Fed’s set was basically shitty remixes of hip hop songs that no one cares about, but everyone was too drunk to care. Best of luck on your new career Kevin, let’s hope you’re a better DJ than a father.





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