Ke$ha Suing Her Record Producer For Sexually Abusing Her

Ever since the release of “Tik Tok” (#tbt) everyone has been asking a simple question: WTF is up with Ke$ha? I mean the girl was using alcohol as a form of dental hygiene so everyone was pretty fucking confused by her from the get go.

The confusion has gotten way more fucking serious as of lately when the singer filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke. Ke$ha states that Dr. Luke, (who is actually not a doctor just a douche record producer who refers to himself as one, just FYI) abused her “sexually, physically and verbally” within the decade of working together, which is pretty intense shit.

Dr. Luke is actually pretty famous in the music industry- at least according to his Wikipedia page, because I didn’t know who the fuck he was before this. He’s worked with a bunch of artists including Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. It’s all pretty impressive, until I read that he produced Katy Perry’s most annoying song ever, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F).” That song was my personal hell circa 2011.

While in rehab for an eating disorder last year, Ke$ha wrote some fucking bizarre letters to fans explaining her situation. I call them bizarre because a) they were written on pages of coloring books… like idk if that’s a therapeutic thing or what. Coloring pictures of kittens will make you want to eat a cheeseburger? Much like Dr. Luke, I’m not medically trained so what do I know? And b) because that’s some pretty hefty shit to be writing to a 16 year old girl you don’t know. Like how does that even come up in a normal fan letter? “Oh hey, thanks for attending my concerts, I was emotionally abused, bye.”

Either way, after leaving rehab and after dyeing her hair about 70 colors, Ke$ha and her mom filed the suit. They also alleged that Dr. Luke sparked that eating disorder by saying “you look like a refrigerator” to Ke$ha several times. I’ve never heard someone insult another with reference to a kitchen appliance, so that’s new.

Dr. Luke lawyered up and also conducting a countersuit against her, saying that this whole thing was a sort of blackmail by Ke$ha and her crew in order to get out of her recording contract. That seems a little far-fetched if you ask me. I wouldn’t exactly think that Ke$ha, the girl who barfs in Paris Hilton’s closet at parties and sings about getting fucking hammered, is a criminal mastermind.

It’s a pretty famous battle of he-said, she-said right now and I’m real fucking interested to see how this turns out, what with all the sex scandals in the media lately. Can no one in Hollywood fucking keep it in their pants? I mean really.




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