Kendall Jenner Swears She Isn’t Getting Bullied

During New York Fashion Week in September rumors spread that Kendall Jenner was getting bullied by the other models because, well, she’s Kendall Jenner. Supposedly they shoved her around and put cigarettes out in her tea, which I think is less bullying and more just typical model interaction, but whatever. Also, you’re all like 80 pounds. How much damage can really be done here?

During the interview for her latest magazine cover, Dazed, Kendall stated that these rumors are completely false, and that she totally loves all her modeling pals, which is pretty much what you have to say when you’re getting bullied by models. Not that it matters, because at the end of the day she will still be Kendall Jenner and the rest of them will be nameless models without reality TV royalty to fall back on.




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