Kendall Jenner Inducts Self Into Kendall Jenner Hall Of Fame (For Kids Who Can't Read Good)

Kendall Jenner just out-Kendalled herself by creating a hall of fame and then inducting herself into it. Typically, end-of-year roundups include other people’s styles, but Kendall didn’t want to wait for someone else to choose her and she created her own list instead… featuring herself. I mean, that’s like campaigning to win “Most Popular” for your high school yearbook. Even if you win, that’s just embarrassing.

Kendall Jenner

The post was titled “Hall of Fame 2016: My Best Street-Style Looks of the Year!” and went through one favorite look from each month of the year. But tbh what are #TBTs but a Hall of Fame for ourselves anyway?

Kendall Jenner

Though on second thought, another prominent figure to induct himself into his own Hall of Fame comes to mind, and that’s our President-elect when he awarded his own family Family of the Year at his golf course. Sad!