Watch Kendall Jenner Narrowly Avoid Getting Hit by A Car

After the emotional trauma of Gigi Hadid’s nip slip and walking in the Versace fashion show herself, Kendall Jenner needed to get back to her hotel in Milan.  Clearly not used to being treated like a lady, she went to open the door while the driver rushed out of the car to get it for her.  He rushed so quickly, in fact, the dude didn’t even put his car in park and nearly killed the best-looking member of the Kardashian Klan. Kendall had to put her reflexes to the test slowly step out of the way when the car rolled backwards and almost ran her over.  This whole incident is like, a lawsuit waiting to happen.

If you watch the video, you can see as she gets out, the guy in front tries to unnecessarily come to her rescue. Betch can open her own door, all right?  She’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.  I think the best part is that she hops out of the way and watches as the car hits a pole and then just proceeds to walk into her hotel like, “Oh!  Sucks to suck!” (the second-best part is the unnecessarily dramatic shots of the car and the pole). The paparazzi follow Kendall and there are definite snickers in the background at the realization that this guy not only just crashed his car, but he also almost just seriously injured half of CaKe with it.  Should’ve stuck with Uber, KJ.

Watch the video below and take comfort in the fact that there is (maybe) someone out there who drives like more of a fucking idiot than you do.



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