Kendall Had a Total Kris Jenner Haircut in the Chanel Show

It’s couture fashion week in Paris, which of course means it’s time for Kendall to show everyone how much better she is than all her sisters. Case in point: Karl Lagerfeld picked Kendall to close the Chanel show, which is definitely like top five biggest shows of the week. Kendall was wearing a double-breasted wedding suit, which shouldn’t be a thing because dresses.

She also had this weird chopped haircut, so the whole thing was sort of channeling 1980s Kris Jenner Pre Momager. Kris is probably so #proud of Kendall, and she’s probably also frantically trying to figure out if there’s a way she can look that young again.



of course I said yes ���� #Chanel #HauteCouture

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