Kendall And Kylie Might Be Getting A Show, Khloe Is Hot, KUWTK Renewed For A Shit Ton Of Money

Kanye West is about to drop his new album and released it's title – “So Help Me God” – story true: the original title was “So Help Me Yeezus.” Obvi “Only One”, “Wolves”, and “All Day” will be on the album, but he hasn't released any other information about it. 2015 has been a great year for Kanye so far: his show at NYFW, his shoes made bank, this album, and all the free publicity from the Khloe/Amber Rose Twitter feud.

Kris Jenner signed a $20 million 3 year contract with E! for KUWTK plus $75,000 for each person's wardrobe. So like a couple of dresses. Rob is included in the deal, so he better fucking show up to filming because I'm emotionally invested in his Biggest Loser mentality.




Kendall and Kylie might be getting their own reality show on E!, but that show would be fucking terrible mostly because Kendall can't read. Like of course I'd watch it, but it'd basically be 30 minutes of them eating at restaurants with their famous friends and showing off how much more successful Kendall is. Seriously, it'd be a scene of Kendall modeling for Chanel and then a scene of Kylie taking selfies with Jaden Smith.

Khloe is the hot sister now. She posted a crazy hot, skinny photo of herself (it was a fucking mirror selfie, but she looked amazing so I'll let it go). Even though she's that girl who posts too many Instas of herself at the gym, she's put in major work and has a sick body – abs for dayssss. She might be replacing Kelly Osborne on Fashion Police, but like half of that show is already about the Kardashians so idk how this would work. If she does end up on the show, then it'll just prove that the Kardashians are planning to take over the entire E! network. Hopefully they'll leave the Sex and the City marathons though. 


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