Kelly Rutherford AKA Lily Rhodes Van Der Woodsen Bass Humphrey’s Life Sucks

Kelly Rutherford's life is an episode of Gossip Girl, but not the good kind. So Kelly was married to this guy Daniel and had two kids with him: Helen and Hermes – those names are bougie as fuck. They got divorced 6 years ago and have the most insane custody battle going on. Seriously, this is Parent Trap level shit.

Daniel lives in France and fucked up his visa, so he can't visit the US. Oops. But in 2012, a judge gave Daniel full custody of the kids because Kelly is low-key bat shit crazy. Kelly's legal attempts to regain custody have bankrupted her (she can't even afford to live in Brooklyn), and judges have continued to affirm Daniel's full custody. In another bizarre twist: Kelly is dating Matthew Settle aka Rufus Humphrey.

The only way to come back from this Allison Humphrey like existence is to pull a William Van Der Woodsen and fake a cancer diagnosis. Either way, it's still the opposite of Lily Rhodes Van Der Woodsen Bass Humphrey. I guess life doesn't imitate art, like at all.




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