Someone Turned Brett Kavanaugh's Name Into A Site For Assault Survivors

Brett Kavanuagh has just begun his unlimited time in the Supreme Court (vom) and a lot of people feel v worried about what this means for the United States. One positive that came from the Judge of Beer Pong and his crayon calendars is that the topic of sexual assault is not going anywhere. And now thanks to, that’s even easier.

The geniuses at Fix The Courts (an organization that wants to – surprise, surprise – fix the Supreme Court) realized that good ‘ol Justice FlipCup had not bought the rights to his own domain name (rookie mistake, Brett) and now is a site dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual assault. Praise be to whomever did this, because yes! The site opens up to a powerful image of the Supreme Court steps and “We Believe Survivors,” written in large AF font. The site also links directly to three different organizations that help survivors and aim to end sexual assault. Judge Boozy may have gotten through this time, but if survivors continue to speak out and we keep the conversation going then we can prevent future Bretts and Chads from getting away with unacceptable behavior.

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