Katy Perry Doesn’t Like Weed Or Cocktails

Katy Perry recently did an interview with Elvis Duran where she said that she doesn't really like smoking weed because it “turns her into more of a weirdo” than she actually is. This might explain why she always has so much energy, but it really calls into question all the food-related outfits she's worn. I'm sorry, but who the fuck gets the idea to wear a Cheeto costume unless they're blazed??  Her wardrobe is basically a fashion show based on having the munchies, so there are a lot of questions to be answered.

Even more alarming than the weed comment was when Katy said that she doesn't “even really do cocktails anymore.”  She loves red wine, which is delicious and all but HOW DO YOU NOT DO COCKTAILS? We could understand not “doing” cocktails on a Tuesday, but red wine is not suitable for every night of the week.  Katy has really left herself with a lot of explaining to do.


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