Katy Perry Can’t Let Her Fight With Taylor Swift Go

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been feuding for way too fucking long. Like at first, it was hilarious and we didn't know who would win. But now, it's just boring. Naturally, Katy Perry has decided to continue the most disappointing fight since Pac-Mayweather.

So Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj got into a Twitter war after Nicki bitched about not being nominated for a VMA and Taylor responded with “I can't help it that I'm popular.” Nicki wanted Taylor to go the fuck home and write another song about Harry Styles, but it seemed like they both got over themselves and made nice by Wednesday evening.



Katy Perry was afraid she had missed an opportunity to bitch out Taylor Swift, so she pulled the celebrity Twitter equivalent of “Take that.”



What that borderline illiterate Tweet is trying to say is that Taylor's attempt at faux-feminism is ironic considering she benefits from what Nicki was complaining about and that Bad Blood is about taking down another woman.

Left Shark could have crafted a better insult. Whatever Katy was trying to do, it didn't fucking work. This whole episode is women reading way too much into 140 characters.


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