Katherine Heigl Is Going To Be On TV Again (Ugh)

For some god awful reason, Katherine Heigl is going to be on television again. She plays the director of the CIA – lol – and posted a photo of her on set. It further shocks me that people follow her on Instagram. So she posts this photo and captions it with something about Afghanistan but the background clearly indicates the set is for Iraq. Now, I don't know where fucking Missouri is so I don't want to lecture her about geography. But I will lecture her about being a fucking idiot. There were so many ways to avoid this Izzy – read the script, ask somebody where your show is being filmed or not write a weirdly specific caption.

I feel a little bad for Katherine because the media loves to shit on her. That being said, she did decline an Emmy nomination and bitches about Hollywood whenever she opens her mouth. She made up some lame excuse about how they were filming at multiple sets and she was talking about a different set than the one in the photo. Blah blah blah. Just calm the hell down Katherine. Your career is too much of a joke for you to take yourself this seriously.




Source: eOnline


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