Kate Upton & JLaw Photos To Be Used In An Art Exhibit

When people ask me why I think people are so fucking stupid it hurts, I really only have to tell them about shit like this. It makes my job of being a betch so much fucking easier.

Obviously, everyone has seen the tons of leaked photos of Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs. These photos were obtained illegally by a hacker, who was clearly horny AF, from the Apple iCloud, the device that no one knows how to fucking use. Say what you will about taking nude photos, not that I’ll listen, but it still was a massive invasion of privacy.

However, it wouldn’t really be America if we didn’t exploit people even further by calling it a “social activism campaign.” Some artist from LA who goes by the name of “XVALA” is going to be printing up these private, intimate photos on a life size canvas and charging people to see them. What’s next, cardboard cutouts? And seriously dude, what the fuck is that name? It looks like something I type when I’m wasted and trying to type “Taco Bell”.

These photos are going to be used in the campaign this dude started called “Fear Google.” If you don’t understand that pretty basic title, essentially he’s using this exhibit to show how shitty the internet is and how technology is ruining our lives, etc. How is he doing this? By going on the fucking internet and finding these pictures, along with 7 years worth of other photos, and printing them out. How in the fuck is this art? Like if this qualifies you as an artist, I might as well be a fucking rocket scientist because one time in second grade science we made potato guns.

The quotes by this weirdo are even more hypocritical and fucking annoying. “In today's culture, everybody wants to know everything about everybody.  An individual's privacy has become everyone else's business…it has become cash for cache,” XVALA said. Do you know what we should do?! Exploit them more and call it art! Once it’s called art, it doesn’t matter the cash for cache that I receive, it’s got symbolism! At least the fucking internet doesn't charge me money to be a douche.

Just because these pictures are called art, doesn’t make them any less illegal or fucked up, honestly. At a certain point you gotta feel bad for these people. Fucking Jennifer Lawrence can barely take a shit without anyone reporting about it, and I can imagine that would suck. Realistically, how many times have betches everywhere had some questionable shit on their phone/computer? My whole life is considered questionable for God’s sake. It would suck enough to have the whole world see it, let alone for some attention seeking loser scribble his signature on the bottom and call it a masterpiece.

Because this is America, a place where people can exploit others and call it “freedom of speech,” we are also home of the lawsuit. I hope Katniss sues the shit out of this jungle freak. Seriously dude, I’ve seen better artwork from Janey Briggs in “Not Another Teen Movie.”


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