Kate Middleton Takes New York So We Decided To Compare Her to Blair Waldorf Again

Kate Middleton has been in America for the past couple of days, and it's been pretty touch and go the whole time. She had an awkward encounter with an overly affectionate Lebron James and an incredibly betchy encounter with a poorly dressed Hillary Clinton. Last night she and her husband (really he's just there to escort her places at this point) went to an alum event for the University of St. Andrews at the Metropolitan Museum of Art aka Blair Waldorf territory. Here's a breakdown of who won the battle for the Met stairs.

Kate wore a Jenny Packham dress she had already worn in 2013. The only articles of clothing Blair ever wore twice were her required school uniform and her favorite pair of black pumps (and those atrocious fedoras from season 3, but let's not discuss that). Blair only ever used “recycled” and “clothing” in the same sentence when discussing the Humphrey family.
Winner: Blair

Kate has been royal for much longer than the fucking dumb Blair-Louis plot line.
Winner: Kate

Kate married into the better royal family. England > Monaco (unless you prefer champagne to power, which might be the way to go actually).
Winner: It's a tie

Blair Waldorf might be “the crazy bitch around here” and she might have the world's greatest eye roll and she might be shady as fuck, but Kate Middleton has the absolute best subtle side -eye the world has ever seen.
Winner: Kate

Round 1 goes to HRH Duchess Catherine of Cambridge. Your move Blair Waldorf Josh Schwarz.




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