Kate Hudson Is Looking Super Hot These Days

In not-so-breaking news (but something that needs to be discussed nonetheless), Kate Hudson is hot as shit these days. We all know this didn’t just happen overnight and she’s been rocking a bangable, post-baby bod for the past few years, but her recent appearance on the cover of Shape Magazine was confirmation of her escalating hotness. Kate has come a long way since playing Andie Anderson, the bacon-loving journalist in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, who was definitely cute but nothing in comparison to the goddess we now see before us. We’re not quick to throw out words like “perfection” (let’s be real, no one will ever meet our expectations), but Kate is getting pretty damn close.

So, how does she do it? How can a mother of two with a crazy schedule maintain a body coveted by even the hottest celebrities? Well, her insanely long torso doesn’t hurt. However, Kate says she works for it by making exercise a way of life. She’s a big believer in short, daily workouts ranging from 20-40 minutes. LOL, Kate. Those abs are not the result of a 20-minute cardio session. Either her genes are superhuman or she never has touches a carb/dairy product within a 5-mile radius…I’m pretty sure it’s both.

One thing Kate is very adamant about is the power of Pilates in building her amazing mid-section. She claims Pilates is the best way to tighten and tone your body, and I’m very apt to believe her seeing as I want to kill myself in every Pilates class I’ve ever taken. She also says her clean diet contributes to her flawless physique, but claims she indulges in M&M’s and wine occasionally (key word: occasionally).

Maybe it’s the diet, maybe it’s being Goldie Hawn’s only daughter, or maybe it’s being single at 35, but it’s working because she looks fucking fantastic. Now if only her acting career would just catch up with her body.





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