Kate Gosselin Feels Sorry For Her Haters

In any reality star's career, they usually disappear for a few years, everyone forgets about them, and then they reappear more desperate than ever.  It seems like Kate Gosselin is entering this last phase, because she's trying extra hard to stir up some shit.  She recently did an interview where she said she feels sorry for people who spend their energy putting her down.  After spewing out some “you don't know the whole story” bullshit, she probably had to go back to beating her kids. 

What's funny about Kate is that her ex-husband Jon was literally like the scum of the fucking Earth, yet somehow she was still the one who looked bad.  Jon was at least trying to be the cool dad, whereas you know Kate would've liked the show better if it was just called Kate. Either way, at least she ditched the hedgehog haircut, maybe some day she'll find a soul too.



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