This Week In Mediocre Kardashian News

On Tuesday, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom officially signed their divorce papers. RIP KhloMar. Khloe originally filed for divorce two years ago after Lammy's crack addiction and multiple affairs reached Scott Disick level. The whole thing was pretty fucked up considering that their reality show made it seem like they had the strongest relationship of all the Kardashian sisters. Most important, Lamar gave Khloe the life-size giraffe Henry, and if that doesn't scream true love then idk what does.

On the same day, Khloe announced she's getting her own talk show called Kocktails with Khloe – ah Kris Jenner is on the top of her game. The show is going to be an FYI network, which you've never fucking heard of. I'm not saying the show is going to be shitty, but E! produced two seasons of “The Swan” and still said no to Khloe's show.

Kylie Jenner announced that she officially graduated from high school, well officially graduated from home school, which seems less legit. It's nice that she and Tyga now have more time for their illegal relationship, homework was really limiting their together time. Hopefully, she's more literate than Kendall.

Kris Jenner must be pretty proud of herself. She got all of her kids to graduate from high school without any (announced) pregnancies, which tbh is a pretty huge accomplishment.

Kylie will probably coordinate her graduation party with her 18th birthday party, which will make Instagram explode.


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